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Recent webinars

July - Resolving shortages, click here to download

August - Schedule (trucks, drivers) click here to download


How to videos

Manage bookings

This series of videos shows creating a new booking, adding equipment, creating a written quote for the customer, resolving shortages and the schedule window.

Part 1, click here

Part 2, click here (resolve shortages)

Part 3, click here (schedule window)

Working with the equipment grid, a basic how to video click here (Equipment grid)


Resolving substitutions, when equipment is scanned out, sometimes substitutions are made, these videos show how to match up the booked equipment with the equipment that was actually sent out and to remove equipment that was booked, but never went out. Also shows use of generic product types.

Part 1 click here

Part 2 click here


This video shows checking out and returning a booking click here

How to split a booking into 2 separate breakouts (separate sub events with different times) and how to schedule them on two different trucks for delivery click here


Creating a purchase order for sub rented technicians/crew, part 1 click here part 2 click here



Adding crew and technicians click here


Creating a package click here


Adding barcodes and create asset records click here


Entering losses and create a collection docket click here


Creating a new booking/proposal click here


You can also view our "how to" videos on youtube, click here

rental inventory software

rental inventory software


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