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Delivery and Return Schedule

This report assists in the planning of drivers and trucks to deliver and return equipment. The report lists each job due for delivery or return in one day, a driver is then assigned to each job. How much will this report save your business in vehicle costs and labor?

Product History Report

This report helps you optimize your inventory by showing you how much you are making on each product. Figures include return on investment, utilization, maintenance, cross rental costs and product inquiry statistics. Subtotals on product groups show you which group of equipment earns the most. How much will this information earn your business once your inventory purchasing is further optimized?

Operator Sales Report

This report shows you how much turnover each operator is generating in orders.

Other Reports Include:

  • Sales Analysis
  • Reordering of Disposable Sales Items
  • Losses and Breakages
  • Maintenance Costs
  • Crew Schedules
  • Audit Trails

How much will these reports save your business in reduced administration costs and better reordering?

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