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Phone Support provided!

Advice is always at hand! RentalPoint customers receive support for 6 months included with the original purchase and thereafter renewed by payment of the Service and Software Assurance Plan (SSAP) fee.

Software rental includes SSAP. Remote support via Remote desktop Services, GoToMeeting or GoToAssist is available.

To ensure a high level of service all support inquiries (phone, email) will be entered as a support ticket.

Once a support ticket is created a ticket number will be issued. You may request this ID number when contacting support.

All tickets and their responses are monitored for quality and timely response.


Select a region to see the phone number or email for your region.



4 Tier Support level definition

In an effort to clearly define the responsibilities and expectations of our support agents, each support agent has been assigned a support level and given a clear list of requirements for their level.

When contacting our support agents, please be aware of their support level and the responsibilities for that level,

please feel free to escalate your issue to the appropriate support level.

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RentalPoint Updates

Please contact RentalPoint support for the latest login details.


The current release version is


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The current RentalPoint 2000 version is 7.1.114
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